Clutch swap (should have done this a long time ago!)

car is pretty much completed, so I began working on the nice-to-have list. Number 1 was clutch swap, the original was engaging in the last half inch and would definetly not survive a weekend with a bunch of fools ragging on it.

hit the pressure plate and flywheel with some sandpaper and carb cleaner. No fancy turning here



Pressure plate reinstalled. Torque to spec; till you hear a crack and back off quarter turn


protip, if you don’t have a alignment tool, remove the input shaft from your spare trans and use that to align. Then drop it and scatter the bearing rollers around and spend 30 minutes rounding them up


Was working alone so just had to bench press it into place and then use the wood to hold it up while I repositioned the floor jack. Note to self, bring second jack next time



Test drive went great, grabs hard mid stroke now. Car has a cable clutch so it has a weird sector gear type self adjuster. Had to reset that to take up the slack under the dash.

minor shock when i noticed will didn’t close the bleeders on the brakes and I blasted the fender liners with brake fluid and pedal went to the floor! At least unnoticed before the long downhill section

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