Race Report 2.0

After reinstalling the engine with the bandaid new bearings installed, we packed up shop and headed to PIR on firday afternoon for setup and tech inspection. Since it was so close we drove it instead of trailering. Hopefully it stays intact and can roll home. We got some strange looks on the way…

Tech inspection went smoothly and we all went home to meet up again at 7am the next day.

Surprisingly day 1 went well, driver changes were smooth once we got the system down, nobody crashed and all was good. There was one medical emergency when another driver had a heart attack and went off course, thankfully he didn’t hit anything and was just rolling on the grass infield. EMS were able to get to him and revive which is good news. All cars were brought back into the pits


At the end of day 1 we filled the car up and put it to bed for the night. Next AM, we arrived, started the car and it ran for 10 seconds and stopped.

Cue troubleshooting steps:

Air, Fuel, Compression, Spark

Compression: is fine we can hear the starter when cranking, doesn’t sound like its missing a cylinder and we didn’t hear any clanking that would indicate some gross engine damage.

Fuel: Changed fuel filter, measured pressure at pump (60+ psi), measured at fuel rail (40 psi). At least one injector is firing (noid light)

Air: didnt have a spare MAF, can’t remember if we measured the resistance. We did crank with it disconnected, no change

Spark: Changed rotor, cap, wires, plugs. Did not change coil, but we were getting spark fine. Timing was good, and because the distributor runs off the cam, it also verified the cam chain didnt jump a tooth

This list took about 4 hours to work through and we were stumped. Other racers came by and gave two cents, but nothing helped. Dejectedly we went for lunch to mull it over. During that time a marshal came over with a fuel sample and said he tried to light it and it didn’t burn. straight water.

What happened on saturday eve was another racer crashed out, and was selling his unused gas to other teams. Instead of going to the pump this was much more convenient, so we took 20 gallons from a 55 gallon drum in his truck. Turns out the bottom 15 gallons of this drum was water, which went into our jerry cans, and into our tank.

Just shit luck, and i was consoled by some old experienced racers said they had NEVER seen that before

The only solution is to jumper the fuel pump relay and empty out the tank, which is how we spent the next 2 hours…


But we got it rolling again. Here is Jon turning some laps




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