1930’s Underwood Typewriter

Went running and passed this yard sale and saw this typewriter for $20, went back and picked it up later.

Time to take apart removing some trim and outside parts

amazing design and detail, where this arm pushes on another linkage there is a little piece of shim on the bearing surface. this advances the sheet of paper by 1, 2 or 3 lines – selectable by another arm

more skins removes

now we are in, took a lot of courage to pull the carriage off, thought i would hear sound of 4000 springs exploding around the table

another detail, when the carriage is off, the return spring ribbon can be hooked to this post instead of flying back into the unit like a typemeasure

found this 70 year old nut shell down in the keys



Was stuck trying to get the platen off for a long time. I thought you had to get this drum brake/clutch type thing off or something. Just pulled off screws then dropped the thing under the table and parts went everywhere. swept the area and magnet saved the day.

everything back in place

turns out this didn’t have to be removed at all…finally got the platen off



cleaning and vacuum and reassembling – no way I am taking any of this apart now..


some teflon on the linear guides



starting to look good now, skins going back on

and moment of truth!



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