Adventures in old yard equipment

I am not ready to commit to full suite of lithium yard tools, and in the beginning of yard rehab it will take some muscle that electric can’t yet provide. So I have turned to next best thing – old used and abused stuff from craigslist. Started pretty benign, free 1970s snapper lawnmower, just needed a $15 carb from amazon and ready to rip.

Pressure washer was old and needed a carb cleaning and oil change and now is a strong runner.

Weed whacker I had to buy two for $10 and $15 and combine the parts to make one good runner.

The yard is uneven, patchy, and all around bad. It also needs to be graded. Best bet is to till it all, work in some fertilizer and topsoil, and replant. Renting a big tiller is around $100 a day, and this project is not a one day ordeal, probably multiple weekends. So I turned to old friend craigslist and found a 7hp 20 inch troy bilt with blown engine, partially diassembled, with replacement engine included. It is a gamble taking up others projects but I went with it.

It is a solid unit, heavy american iron from troy, ny. not a single piece of plastic

the only major issue is the drive pulley and engine mount are stuck to the blown engine. the pulley is seized on and won’t come off with a sledgehammer. Can’t get it into the press when assembled, but can’t disassemble with the pulley on…

Had to improvise and make a speed hole in the case of the engine (no oil pan on these single cylinders)

rotate crank so the conrod nuts are accesible

and drive out the piston

then the engine can be split, easily placed in the press and free the pulley

one control lever needed gluing back together

Then simple matter of putting humpty dumpty back together again, oil, gas, and oil for the transfer box and it will live to rip up another garden. maybe a lick of red paint when its time to sell

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