Chicken coop 2.0

We got three Silkie chickens at the end of the summer


a friend of a friend gave me his old coop which was great because it was the same day we got the chickens


but after a few weeks I realized it wasn’t strong or weather tight for the winter

roof leafed, it was drafty and the wood so cheap and splintery that it is impossible to strengthen


so I built a new one with simpler design out of scrap laying around and painted with old cans



the design was made to allow for future upgrade – automatic door

previously I Had to get up in the morning and let them out, and if I returned late they would go to be but their door left open. We have full perimeter fence so hoping no fox can get it but no need to chance

you can buy openers online for $150 or so but I went DIY using raspberry pi   0 W, and this is testing on kitchen table with the motor driver, motor, and Hall effect sensors to detect door position



this is installed


throguh slack I get push nil notifications



I placed the control box in the roost so  I added camera and IR leds so I can check if everyone is in bed


this also allows me to log images and in the end, an experiment to see if machine learning can be trained to count how many chickens are upstairs and then close the door.

This is common classification problem

Build your First Image Classification Model in just 10 Minutes!

In the end the computer doesn’t know what a chicken is or even what the image is – but with enough training data it will begin to understand that this looks like  3 – but might not know why…


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